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What is Mentoring?


Transformational Healing & Heart Alchemy Mentoring

One-on-one Mentoring, Transformational Healing & Heart Alchemy Mentoring, is about gifting yourself with the self-care, nurturance, and loving support that you need to Be and do your best. 

It’s about healing yourself from the inside out, knowing how to fill yourself with love, the unconditional love that you need to let go of fears and judgments that have been holding you back and keeping you small.

One-on-One Mentoring is about closing the door to old unhelpful ways of feeling about yourself and experiencing life,

stepping into the New,

opening the door within you that’s filled with kindness, patience and tolerance,

where you know how to love and support yourself,

where you experience self-love and self-care,

where you have the skills, tools and ways of Being that light you up,

energize your self-confidence and fill you with the self-determination

to expand and be that greater, brighter you that’s ready to shine,

that's ready to step forward into the light.


My pledge as your mentor is to

Share my wisdom with you so that can evolve and grow with more grace, ease, and flow, so that you can take the anxiety and stress in your life and transform it into love, so that you can let go of what’s not serving you and experience more love. 

Help you stand on my shoulders and step into a more accelerated path of personal and spiritual development and growth.

Help you experience on a feeling level how to align to love, center in your heart and be fully present here now.  How to love and accept yourself as you are, all the bright and shiny bits and the bits that could use some polishing, the bits that could be raised in vibration to unconditional love.

Help you journey more deeply into your own heart’s knowing - a journey which I am grateful to share with you, a journey that is ever unfolding to be more of your highest, clearest, brightest potential - the Jewel within. 

Guide and support you to experience and partake in the rocket ship to Love.


We will explore such topics as:

How to be grounded and fully present in the moment.

How to turn your inner critic into an inner coach.

How to experience more gratitude in your life.

How to clear negativity from your home and environment.

How to use breath work techniques to be more calm, centered and in your heart.

How to use creative visualization for heartfelt success.

How to cleanse, clear and protect yourself from negative and imbalanced energies.

How to unconditionally love and support yourself.

How to release judgment of self and others while embracing more love.

How to work with the Violet Flame to transmute and transform fear into love.

How to use affirmations to experience more self-love and self-care.


We will also work with: 

Meditations to relax, unwind and be for fully present from the heart.

Energetic Hygiene Violet Flame Healing Journeys to cleanse, clear and uplift you.

Soul Readings for heartfelt guidance and success.


If you've been looking for a Transformational Healing & Heart Alchemy mentor who's ready to support you on the next evolutionary turn of your journey, welcome home.


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