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Welcome to What Makes a Good Coach Part 3:

Offering Comments, Ideas and Inspirations

A good coach doesn’t just ask questions.

That could feel invasive to our clients to simply be asked one question after another, leaving no space to breathe and be with the session, with the topic, goal, or situation they’ve brought to explore, go deeper and come out different, more self-assured, with a clearer, brighter way forward on the other side. 

Hence, a good coach knows how to offer something of herself to sessions in a way that helps her client move forward positively and with a greater knowing of where to from here.

So enjoy Part 3:

A good coach knows how to offer comments, ideas, and inspirations without attachment. 

She offers them in good faith from the heart. 

Whether her client accepts or rejects them is not important. If they take something she shares on board, great; if not, also great.  Her offering is simply an offering. 

She takes nothing personally.  It’s not about her. It’s about what resonates with the client from their perspective. 

Making offerings without attachment ties into holding a judgment-free zone for her client.  She’s not invested in her client seeing things her way.  She’s not invested in any particular outcome. 

She lets go of the reigns, partners with her client and allows their time together to organically unfold.