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Welcome to Part 2 of What Makes a Good Coach. 

As coaches, not only are we holding an expansive space of unconditional positive regard, unconditional love for our clients, we are also holding a space that has absolutely no judgment, a judgment free zone, a space free of opinions of what our clients should or should not do, how they should or shouldn't be. In fact, this space is one of what could be, all the possibilities open to her.

So here goes:

A good coach holds a judgment-free space for her client. 

No matter what her client says or does, she doesn’t have an opinion about it. 

She doesn’t think that what her client is doing or saying is right or wrong, good or bad.  She listens intently to best serve her client, but she neither has nor formulates an agenda for them. 

She knows in her heart of hearts that her client has all the answers inside of them. 

She knows that no matter where they are at or how far they appear to have wandered down a road that does not serve them, in time they will find their way home. 

And that no matter what she could offer as a mentor, consultant or teacher, the realizations they eventually come to and the steps forward they decide to take will be perfect for them in the moment.