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I decided to start a writing project, a heartfelt ongoing multi-article sharing about coaching; what I think and feel makes a good coach; there are so many different kinds of coaches, from different modalities of training, with different ways of relating with their clients and the world around them. 

For me, it always comes down to the basics, the foundation of how we live our lives, professionally, personally, and spiritually: Who am I bringing to the world? Is she someone that I would trust? Is she someone that I would open up to?

This first article is about Coaching Presence, the presence that we hold as coaches; this is the heart of coaching. 

And knowing that most people who read my articles are not coaches. I feel that what I share can help you, can be applied in your life no matter what you do. 

The presence that we hold affects who we love, our intimate relationships, our relationship with family and friends; it affects how we are perceived at work and impression that we make, the hearts that we touch, in every aspect of our lives. 

So here goes: What Makes a Good Coach, Part 1 — Coaching Presence.

A good coach is someone who holds an expansive, loving presence. 

She is fully present here now. She is grounded from her heart into the heart of planet. 

She is in this now moment with her client. She is centered in her heart. She is here with her client on all levels — physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

She’s not scattered or distracted. 

She is competent, attentive, and curious. 

Everything she says and does is in alignment with what’s best for her client. Her mantra is, “It’s not about me.”

It’s the sacred space that we hold for self and others that opens doors.

That’s it. Short and sweet. I feel that we can make life too complicated, use big words and confuse what we’re trying to express. 

So . . .

It’s about expanding out our energy and taking up more space from the heart. 

It’s about aligning to love and centering in our heart of hearts. 

It’s about being grounded from our heart to the heart of the planet.

It’s about knowing how to work with and interact with others so that they feel heard and understood, so that they feel safe and able to open up and express themselves more fully and deeply. 

It’s about holding a space that is conducive to positive change, that is about nurturing the positive movement forward of ones within our sphere of influence.

When we share simply, in clear, precise language, using words from the heart and not the head, when we share in a way that’s meaningful to us, that inspires us, that’s when I believe the magic happens.