Wednesday, 16th of January 2019

Wednesday, 16th of January 2019

Enjoy this introductory link to some of my colleagues and friends


The Cosmosis Mentoring Centre teaches and facilitates the ancient mechanism of self-transcendence and integrated ascension.  They offer courses in self-mastery, which cultivate deeper levels of compassion, unity consciousness and mutual interdependence, empowering students in their sphere of influence.  www.mystery


The Global Coaching Academy is about awakening to the truth within; realising your potential and having a career that makes your heart sing. You gain the necessary skills to successfully operate a mentoring and coaching practice. The GCA aspires to be the pre-eminent teaching facility for training a new order of coaches and mentors.


The Healing Rooms brings something new to health care, combining western and natural medical treatments into a holistic practice, offering a comprehensive approach to your health. 


The Insight Foundation is a not-for-profit organization supporting education, wellness and the environment:  "Evolving the wellbeing and potential of our planet's web of life, one project at a time."  The Insight Foundation hosts community education events on meditation, mindfulness and environmental education, collaborates with various businesses and community organizations, and is headquartered at TransGenesis School of Yoga & Meditation.


The Love Finders Band & The Love Finders Blues Band is super tight, killer sound band with a broad set list and great classics everyone can enjoy; their concerts are fun, touching and inspiring.


The Source is a multi award winning, five star, holistic hair salon in the heart of Joondalup, Perth, Australia.  The Source only uses the environmentally sustainable Aveda products. All our colors are naturally plant derived which enhances shine and makes the hair feel beautiful and healthy. Owner and style director Sophia Clewley has over 25 years experience, working in top London salons and around the world.


Debbie Seaton, financial wellness coach, mentor and author of A Spiritual Budget, offers the tools to embrace potential and purpose and teaches people how to manage money wisely and how to make wise choices.


Faith Ransom is an accredited life coach who helps you achieve your dreams, whether it’s about life in general, artistic endeavors or work-related situations. Faith also provides mentoring for vocalists, visual artists and piano improvisers; and, she teaches chill-out classes with a spiritual bent every Saturday.


Lauren Kernke,  founder of Energetic Integrity, life coach, mentor and counsellor, offers classes on energetic awareness, hygiene and integrit


Jenny Parker, founder of Heartforce, is helping to co-create a global community of love warriors who inspire and assist others to fulfill their heart's purpose, using the Alchemy of Love; she offers coaching, mentoring, inspirational talks, classes, events and more.


Julie Skinner, owner of Core True, works with nurses, exploring how to take responsibility for their own health, recognizing and caring for themselves as a whole; as physical, emotional, thinking and spiritual beings.  


Lee-Anne Groenewegen, owner of Little Gumnuts facilitates unique nature inspired educational programs for the young.


Linda Koen, founder of Source Centre: Holistic Counseling, Healing the Human back into alignment with their Authentic Self, healing the aspects of our human experience which impacts our ability to be our real, true authentic selves. Specialzing in areas of grief & loss, and the ending of relationships.  Linda also wrote and facilitates a year-long counselling course resulting in a Diploma in Holistic Counselling This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Lorraine Town, owner of Success Spirit, is passionate about encouraging and inspiring mature aged women to accept that there is no line in the sand, that we can continue to independent, self-supporting, creative and if we choose, contributing to the community.


Patti McBain, owner of TransGenesis School of Yoga, a full registered member and registered senior teacher of Yoga Australia, facilitates corporate, classical and general yoga classes.  She trains yoga teachers, teaches meditation classes and brings a wide array of spiritual development evenings and events to Western Australia through TransGenesis School of Yoga.


Rupert Guenther is an international concert artist & teacher, author, holistic performance trainer.


Susan Goodwin, life coach and counsellor, founder of Coaching for Life Skills, helps you with finding a new perspective in a professional, confidential and inspirational consultancy.